Group Food Buying

Bulk produce

We started two food buying groups in town. These neighborhood-based groups organize bulk-purchasing of regionally grown fruits and veggies (including from Guilford farms!), and other local products. The quantities are then split between neighbors.

In the future, we plan to offer subsidies and assistance for families to purchase food through the buying clubs.

Spring Seed & Plant Swap

This annual springtime event provides a venue for community gardeners to exchange their seeds and seedlings. Turn your extras into something new for your garden, connect with neighbors, and have fun!

Community Gardening

Neighborhood Roots wants to empower our community to grow as much food as we can – including in our own backyards and shared spaces.

Join the Guilford Community Gardeners email list to share ideas and resources with others. Send an email to

Skill Sharing

We plan to facilitate skill-sharing workshops in gardening, food preservation, cooking, and storage.

If you’d be willing to share a skill, or if there’s something that you’d like to learn, let us know.

Fall Harvest Swap

Bring your extra fruits & veggies, herbs, and homemade preserves, baked goods & crafts to trade with your neighbors, and leave with plenty of new and exciting things to try & enjoy.

We hope you’ll join us this fall!

Little Free Pantries

Free Little Pantry

Soon you’ll be seeing Little Free Pantries showing up all over Guilford. These small boxes are maintained by volunteers and contain non-perishable food items and garden surplus, available to whomever needs it at any time.

For general information about Little Free Pantries see the Little Free Pantry website.

Interested in getting involved in any of these projects?

Please get in touch!