Local Food Buying Group

Bulk produce

We run a local food buying group as a way to support farmers and make local produce easier to access. The group organizes bulk-purchasing of regionally grown fruits and veggies (including from Guilford farms), and other local products. The quantities are then split between neighbors.

We plan to expand the capacity of the buying group to reach the entire town of Guilford. We’ll also offer subsidies and accept SNAP benefits to make it affordable for all. If you’re interested in getting involved as we grow, please get in touch!

Little Free Pantries

Neighborhood Roots built two Little Free Pantries in Guilford – one near the corner of Weatherhead Hollow and Guilford Center Road, and another at the Guilford Center Natural Playscape on Carpenter Hill Road. They are open to everyone in our community to take and to share non-perishable food items, personal care items, and fresh summer produce. If you are interested in setting up a new Little Free Pantry in your part of town and would like assistance, email connect@neighborhoodroots.org.

Community Gardening

Neighborhood Roots wants to empower our community to grow as much food as we can – including in our own backyards and shared spaces. There are a couple of exciting land-based community farming and gardening projects in the works (stay tuned!).

We also organize group Fedco orders for discounts on plants, seeds and growing supplies.

Skill Sharing

We organize regular skill-sharing workshops in gardening, food preservation, cooking, and storage. Past workshops include: fruit tree pruning, grafting, Rich Earth Institute’s Urine My Garden workshop, companion planting, and seed saving.

If you’d be willing to share a skill, or if there’s something that you’d like to learn, let us know.

Comfrey Commons

Comfrey Commons is a little community pay-what-you-want plant nursery that specializes in perennial edible and medicinal plants. If you have extra perennials, plant starts, and seeds, drop them off at Comfrey Commons to share with others, too! Half of all proceeds will be donated to local nonprofit groups. Open for summer 2022, Saturdays only 10am – 2pm, starting June 11.

Spring & Fall Community Swaps

The spring Plant & Seed Swap and fall Harvest Swap are fun annual community events – for neighbors to exchange seeds and seedlings in the spring, and the fruits of their homestead in the fall. Turn your extras into something new for your garden, trade homemade preserves, baked goods & crafts – connect with neighbors, and have fun!

Be sure to sign up for our email list so you can hear about these events.

Interested in getting involved in any of these projects?

Please get in touch!